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Rest In Peace - Bob Grumman 02-02-1941 / 04-03-2015

Bob Grumman on the right me on the left - @ Museum Of Modern Art - New York City - July 2010

 It is with deep sadness that I must report the passing of Bob Grumman. The world of mathematical poetry just got lonelier. I remember in the mid 1990’s getting an email from Bob expressing how happy he was to have found me, another mathematical poet who shared a similar vision to his. Furthermore I was happy to have learned of his existence as well. Until then I had thought that I was the only one doing it. I was happy to find out that others had some interest in it as well. First of all I have to say that other than myself, there is no other mathematical poet in the English language that has had as much passion for our brand of mathematical poetry. – Yes there have been others who dabbled here and there and made a handful of math poems – and I must mention Karl Kempton and Scott Helmes who have made serious contributions to mathematical visual poetry, but only Bob and I consistently expressed a passion for using mathematical equations as a structure for poetic expression. Bob seemed to be entertained by arguing with people about the validity of mathematical poetry BEING poetry. Personally, I have tried to avoid that particular argument and have been happy believing that mathematical poetry is its own genre and needs not to be called poetry. Yet it really makes no difference to me. I must also mention that while Bob and I both took ownership in this form of expression, we had many differences of opinion … sometimes our differences were painful and I felt as though I was stuck in the land of mathematical poetry (a deserted island) with a hard headed competitively driven egomaniac. It is true that in the past I have felt this way. - But now that the reality has hit that he is gone, I feel alone on this Island – and it saddens me. The worst part for the muse of mathematical poetry is that neither of us has inspired anyone else to do it. She had better find another one to do it - obviously neither Bob nor I have done a good job in spreading the word. (not that we haven’t tried) – It’s been over 200 years since the first mathematical poem that I know of was published and the genre lay dormant for all those years until the 1970’s before it sprouted up again. Bob has been integral in trying to keep mathematical poetry alive in this incarnation. He will truly be missed.

 Kaz Maslanka 04-03-2015

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Here is a proportional poem by Kaz Maslanka pointing to the current state of affairs in the artworld.

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Here is a proportional poem by Kaz Maslanka that points to the mechanics of commerce.

How Algorithms Shape Our World

Here is an interesting talk on the language of math getting out of control and having a mind of its own:

 Click Here

Well kind of having a mind of its own ;)

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Singularity at Vulture Peak

This Similar Triangles Poem titled "Singularity at Vulture Peak"is a refinement from an earlier piece and is much more direct with what I want to express.  -Kaz

One vernacular translation for this mathematical expression is, "Enigma is to a flower dream as the truth is to the experience of a flower."

One may want to Google "Vulture Peak" to see what many say is the first transmission Zen from the Buddha.

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Friend by Anand Bora

Here is a new work by Anand Bora

Two works by Sulaiman Mackay

Here are two mathematical poems by Sulaiman Mackay:

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Bridges Seoul - David Chappell and Intrinsic Coordinates

I was honored to be included in the Show at Bridges Seoul in September. Below is an image of the work I had in the show.

In addition, I would like to share the following link that is an collection of all of the mathematical-art expressions from that show.

One of my favorite pieces was the work of David Chappell. What I enjoy the most about his work is the complexity that he achieves with such simple equations. In addition I find intrinsic coordinate systems fascinating.

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La Logic Assassine by Adon Lacroix

Here is a visual poem with the intention of being a anti mathematical poem.

Design and type-set by man ray for the poem “La Logic Assassine” by Adon Lacroix, 1919

"ONE" acquired by the Gwacheon National Science Museum (국립과천과학관)

I am pleased to mention that my mathematical visual poem "ONE" was recently acquired by the Gwacheon National Science Museum (국립과천과학관) in South Korea.

Karl Kempton - Meditation Formula

Here is something recent from Karl Kempton.

Disappointment - by Anonymous Poet

I found this orthogonal space poem at the following link. I have no idea who created it however, it follows the rules of an orthogonal space poem perfectly. It is also interesting to note that it was found on a Buddhist website ... Hmmm - even more interesting to me.

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Here is an 'proportional poem' by Kaz Maslanka titled "BEING" --- in the vernacular it says that "Enigmas are to Ontology as The Song of Ancient Dreams are to the Sound of the Ocean" - Or a different syntax would be, "Enigmas are to the Song of Ancient Dreams as Ontology is to the Sound of the Ocean."

Kuniharu Shimizu

Here is a nice mathematical visual poem (Haiga) by Kuniharu Shimizu Brought to our attention by Karl Kempton through George Swede

I really like this piece - It reminds me of my struggles with depression, anxiety and suicide.  --- and the answer!

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Substituting Proust


Every reader finds himself. The mathematical poets work is merely a kind of optical instrument that makes it possible for the reader to discern what, without this poem, he would perhaps never have seen in himself. -Marcel Proust, novelist (1871-1922) 
 I substituted the words "mathematical poet's" for the original word "writer's", furthermore, I substituted the word "poem" for the word "book" Kaz

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Kazimir Malevich - The Suprematist Mirror

Thanks to Karl Kempton for bringing this to our attention:
Kazimir Malevich - The Suprematist Mirror

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